Jocks & Bullies CNFT - FAQ

Jocks and Bullies CNFT is a direct response to the lack of leadership in the Nerds and Virgins CNFT project.

Jocks and Bullies are looking to jump-start the project with a twist! By “locking” Nerds and Virgins up with only the release of a ransom of 69 ada, Jocks and Bullies look to add value to the Nerds and Virgins CNFT project. Every Jocks and Bullies CNFT holder has a vote on what to do with the community Nerds sales. The community may take a cut of the sales or vote to push the funds into a blue-chip CNFT! The options are in the Jocks and Bullies Hands!

We are looking to put the fate of the Nerds and Virgins in the community’s hands and bring greater value to our holders and the entire Nerds and Virgins community.

We are in no way affiliated with Nerds and Virgins.

Maybe? As the project progresses, the community may decide to move in this direction. But for right now, the Jocks and Bullies project is only considered a community project.

The price is 12 ADA and your Nerds and Virgins CNFT to cover minting and additional costs. 


Every Nerd and Virgin CNFT will be “captured” and stuffed into a locker only to be let out when someone buys them from the secondary market or when the community decides.

Jocks and Bullies CNFT holders will decide the fate of the Nerds! We as Bullies (holders) each get a vote on how and what we will do!

More details to come!

SURE! There are 2650 unique versions, one for every Nerd and Virgin CNFT out there! With various attributes and unique traits, these CNFTs could be collectible in the future. See our rarity chart 

At the very least this CNFT is for fun and is in response to the lack of effort by the Nerds & Virgins CNFT. We are a parody with a cause!

TheSeekerNFT, or Impeccabple Apex on Discord, is the founder, creator, and curator of the project. With the help from Dyer and the Gingerbread Squad, the Jocks and Bullies is forming into a community project from the ashes of Nerds and Virgins.

Currently looking for active members to contribute in helping with Discord, Artwork, and additional services!

“Let’s get those Nerds!”

No. I am a holder of Nerds and Virgins that is my connection. Nerds and Virgins will not receive any funds from this project. This project was designed to help generate buzz and utility around a failing project. This is created by me for the community. You may use it or not.

Please use Daedalus / Yoroi / Nami / Adalite wallets to send your ada. Don’t use a wallet from any exchange.

Policy id: a5d79dcb6380d25349887dac8adc99458f6d5362e644d449c83fa334


To Mint a Jock & Bullies CNFT Send:

12 ADA + 1 NERD,
or 24 ADA + 2 NERDS,
or 36 ADA + 3 NERDS,

Send to the address above in green ↑


Let’s take back control and get those NERDS! #JockTeam

Join our project by locking your nerd with your very own unique Jocks and Bullies CNFT. Built by the community for the community!

Steps to Victory

  1. Mint a Jocks & Bullies
  2. Lock Nerds for 69 Ada
  3. Locker sales controlled by the community
  4. Profit  Prosper

Meet the Jocks and Bullies

“The Animal”

Antonio Martínez

“Big D”

Winterbottom III

"Big Chuck"


“The Ace”


Ms. Mary Jane 4/20 Special NFT

Didn’t Get the airdrop cause you’re still a nerd? Well, you still have time to get one of your own! Get TheSeekerNFT’s Airdrop over at Single Point Gallery and enjoy a generated NFT to celebrate your 420 pride!


Coach Hosk's Playbook

meet the TEAM

TheSeekerNFT (Impeccable Apex) Founder/Creator


Yup, that’s right it started as a one-man show has now transformed into a strong community! Due to the lack of leadership and people calling FUD on me in the Nerds and Virgins community, I decided to do something about it!

As a former corporate graphic designer and content creator, I decided to start this endeavor to be a serious project with the notion of helping the Nerds & Virgins project. Jocks & Bullies is exactly that, we are here to bully the nerds into action! Although a self-proclaimed nerd, I intend to showcase the power of the Jocks and Bullies to infiltrate the Nerds community and lock them up! 


If anyone wants to help contribute, please contact me, looking for passionate people!

Profile Page: TheSeekerNFT | Twitter: @TheSeekerNFT


Dyer – Got into crypto because I believe decentralization will be the socio-cultural movement of this generation. I finished law school, finished a marketing specialization, finished a public management specialization, finally learned that all I want to do is direct movies. Thankfully it’s not too late.

Gingerbread Squad Baker, earth citizen, full-on nerd, ex virgin, sometimes jock, bully when there’s consent.

Gingerbread Squad Rebaked: We’re a 25+ member community led project by the community for the community.

After surviving one of the first and most infamous rugpulls in CNFT history, core members took over the socials and rebaked the whole thing. Now we are an organically grown decentralized organization with many goals, one of them is helping communities that want to take over their projects. Vive la révolution!

Community Contributors


My background is film/TV, and I’ve spent the last 20 years working in various roles within the industry. I have a real passion for creating and innovating, so when I discovered the world of NFTs, it really excited me.


I tended to always be somewhat of an observer with projects, however, when I read Impeccable Apex talking about a new community-driven project he was setting up, I was inspired to offer my help and services.


A good long-lasting project grows organically and successfully when it has a solid community of like-mind people. Therefore, I believe Jocks & Bullies has an exciting future ahead of it, and I’m glad to be onboard


Been a nerd for a long time while solving equations and shit. Then, the treason for the nerd lord made me become the monster I am today. Locker paint booms are my signature, if you’re a nerd watch out it’s not safe out here. In all seriousness, I love the movement we have created and I believe we will one day overcome the hosky movement and become the meme lords on Cardano

RGillies │ᴬᵈᵃᴬᵖᵉᶜˡᵘᵇ

Archaeologist by day, NFT and Crypto enthusiast by night!!

Over the past year I have immersed myself into the world of cryptocurrencies and my movement into the world of NFTs seemed inevitable.  I truly believe that NFT art is on the cusp of mass adoption, and I wanted to be involved with a community of creative people where new and innovative ideas can be developed into something incredible. Jocks and Bullies CNFT is that community!!